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Please note: Two classes added to Halter Division

 May 4, 2019 Headin' To The Mountains Spring Novice Show

Class List


Limit 2 entries per exhibitor in each class. Horses can show in multiple performance classes.  All brands and types of models (Original Finish / Custom / Artist Resin) are allowed.  Both customs and original finish are allowed. Proper tack is required for the performance being demonstrated.  Rider/handler is not required, but if properly dressed and positioned, can add a lot to your entry.  Please include a 3x5 card or paper showing the maneuver the horse is performing (not required in costume class).  Any dioramas, set-ups, and props need to be contained in an area no larger than 24" long by 18" deep.  This space includes the explanation card for the setup.

1.  Driving - Horse/team to be shown in properly fitted harness with or without a vehicle
2.  English Performance - Can include hunter, jumper, dressage, saddleseat... any English performance you'd see at a real horse show. No trail entries.
3.  Western Performance - Can include pleasure, roping, cutting, barrel racing, reining, cowboy dressage... any Western performance you'd see at a real horse show.  No trail, "Mustang challenge," or Extreme Cowboy (trail-type) entries.
4.  Trail - English or Western Trail, to include an obstacle and a card stating what is being performed.
5.  Costume - Can include Native American, Arabian, Parade, or any fun costume on your model. 


    Halter  -  Breed

    Original finish models only, no customs or custom-painted resins.  All brands are allowed.  Limit of 3 entries per class per exhibitor.  Each horse can only be shown in one halter class, so choose its breed wisely… Horses will be judged based on the breed you assign them.  No halter is required.  If used, it must be of the proper type for that breed and fit properly.  No other tack is allowed.  (We generally prefer that you show your horse naked.)

      6.  Stock Breeds - includes QH, Appy, Paint, Aussie Stock Horse, Mustang, etc.
      7.  Arabian / part Arabian / Morgan
      8.  Thoroughbred / part Thoroughbred / Warmblood / Standardbred
        Draft Horse / Pony
      10. Gaited - includes Saddlebred, TWH, Missouri Fox Trotter, Rocky Mtn Horse, Paso, etc

      Two classes added on 4/6:

      10.1:  Spanish Breeds - Includes Andalusian, PRE, Managalarga Marchador, etc.  (Note:  Mustangs still go into Stock Breeds.)

      10.2:  Foals - All breeds allowed!  Up to and including yearling models.

      11. Other Breed - Doesn't fit into any of the above categories.  Be sure to include documentation, including a photo of a real horse of that breed and the main breed characteristics.
      12. Fantasy / Decorator - Show us your decorators, unicorns, Pegasi!  Original finish only, all brands allowed. 


        Breyer Collectability     

        Breyer brand models only.  Limit 2 models per class per exhibitor.  No tack or props allowed, unless they came with the model from Breyer.

          13.  Pre-2000 Regular Run - incl Commemorative and year-long Limited Editions available through multiple retailers. Must have been retired in 1999 or earlier.
          14.  SR single-source / Ltd Editions of fewer than 5,000 - Models only available through Sears, Walmart, Breyerfest, another event, etc., or models made in a limited number (5,000 or fewer).  Can be from any year.  No Connoisseur or Club models allowed.  JAH mail-order SRs go in this class.
          15.  Connoisseur / Club Models - including Web Specials


          Customs by Exhibitor   

          Model of any brand/origin that has been customized. Customization must have been done completely by the person exhibiting it.  Artist resins and original sculpts are allowed here.  Show us your talents!  Limit of 2 entries per exhibitor.  We're dividing this division into two classes based on age of exhibitor, but may split it further if there are enough entries.

            16.  Age Up to 17
            17.  Age 18 +



            We reserve the right to split or combine classes to keep entries in a manageable number for space and judging.

            A horse may show in one halter-breed class, one collectability class, and as many performance classes as you like.

            If you're not sure what halter or collectability class or to enter your model in, check with us or other collectors online before show day, as you'll need correct information printed on the model's tag when it goes into the class.  Not every model shows best as the breed Breyer calls it... It's okay to assign a different breed to your model if it better represents that breed.




            The Community Center is making this space available to us at a special price so we don’t have to charge a set entry fee.  We appreciate that and want to make this a great experience for them, too, so we’ll get invited back!


            Community Center Rules:

            We are allowed only in the gym and the designated bathrooms.  No one is to enter any other area of the building.

            All folks under the age of 18 must have adult accompaniment.

            No smoking is allowed in the building or within 25 feet of the entrance.  No alcoholic beverages, marijuana, etc. are allowed on the premises.  (Treat it as a school building.)

            Please leave your area as clean or cleaner than you found it.


            Event Rules:

            No running or horseplay in the gym – There will be lots of valuable models there!

            Do not touch, lean against, or lean over anyone else’s table (same reason – we don’t want any models crashing over.) 

            Never touch anyone else’s horse unless they ask you to.

            No music, video games, or other loud or distracting noises. People need to hear the judge, and no one wants to be startled and knock over a horse.

            Please make sure your parents/spouse and everyone with you understands the above rules and follows them.

            We are using the NAMHSA Region X tagging system.  Please go to their site to get your exhibitor number, enter your horse list, and print your tags before show .  To be assigned an exhibitor number, go to:   Once you have your number, you can use the Tag Manager to enter your horses and print your tags.  Please be sure to bring a printed Horse List to hand to the Show Host on show day! 

            When we call, “Class is closed,” everyone must move away from the ring and let the judge work.  If your horse isn’t in the ring and ready to go, it’s too late.  There will be approximately 10 minutes allowed for setup before each class, so plan to have your horses ready in time.

            Don’t ask the judge questions or get in her way while she’s judging.  You’re welcome to ask her questions after she lays the ribbons for a class, though.

            Class limit is 3 horses per exhibitor in Halter and Collectability classes; 2 horses per exhibitor in Performance classes and Custom classes.

            All customs shown in this show must have been customized exclusively by the exhibitor.

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