Classes Added + Star Wars Costume Contest!

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May The Horse Be With You!

Since our show is on Star Wars Day, May the 4th, we're going to have some fun with it!


During lunch break, everyone is invited to enter a model into our Star Wars-themed costume contest!   This will be separate from the "regular" Costume class at the show (no Star Wars entries in that one, please), and everyone will get to vote on their favorite Star Wars costume entry!

Let's see your creativity!



We've added two classes to the Halter Division!

We're sliding them in between class #10 and class #11:


10.1:  Spanish Breeds - Includes Andalusian, PRE, Managalarga Marchador, etc.  (Note:  All Mustangs still go into Stock Breeds.)

10.2:  Foals - All breeds allowed!  Up to and including yearling models.  They will each be judged against the breed standard for their breed.


We have added these classes to the class list on our website.




 Coming in a few days:

How To Win in Performance Classes


We'll help you get ready for Performance by telling you what you need to include with your entry, how to insure everything is the right size, and how to position your horse to win! 

Watch for the email soon!

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