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Hi everyone!

I'm tucking random photos into this article  - Enjoy!  (If you want a copy of any of them, just email me and tell me which one(s).)


[The closest thing to a group photo we got... We really need to do that next time!]


Thanks for making our fall show so much fun!  I had a blast and I hope you did, too.  My first thought on this show was how much tougher the competition was than in spring.  You guys really took to heart Ashley's suggestions at the spring show and stepped up your competition level!  I was impressed with every class and every exhibitor.


[Winner of the Arab/Part-Arab/Morgan group with TBs and WBs setting up in the next ring]


I hope you all also came away from this show having learned something new.  No matter how long you're in the hobby, there's always something to learn, which is one of the reasons it's so much fun.  One of the things I learned is not to judge and host at the same time - I feel like I wasn't able to visit with each of you as much as I'd have liked, or to be available to answer questions as often.  I did enjoy judging - it was my first time judging a live show in over twenty years - but I think I'd rather visit and host, and let others judge in the future.  I also learned about a couple breeds of horses I hadn't heard of before:  The Pottuck Pony and Georgian Grand.  I'll spend some time looking those up in the coming weeks, because I love learning more about the horses of the world.


[Long Ears class - What a great addition to the class list!]


Speaking of learning, I want to thank Ashley and her grandmother for making the three-hour trip, not to compete, but to share tips and knowledge to help you all continue to become strong competitors.  She brought some of her show string and placed them into classes to provide an example of how an experienced exhibitor (and judge) displays her own entries, but you may have noticed that she tied pink ribbons to her tags.  This was done to indicate to me that they were hers and not to be included in placings (unless there were fewer than 6 models in the class, in which case I gave her model 6th).  You all know how much work it is to pack up your show horses and bring them to a show, so we're grateful she went to all this trouble just to help everyone build their skills.


 [Ashley (back-to in green) answering questions and offering tips]


The show results have now been entered at Region X Nation.  You can view and print them, if you like, from here.


I want to thank everyone for being so flexible when things (as they inevitably do at horse shows, real and model) went off the rails here and there.  Our seating chart got edited and our class list got reorganized.  You all adjusted and went with the flow.  Much appreciated! 


[Amber, your Ring Steward, and Eleda, your judge, being told NOT to make faces for the camera]


I want to specially thank my parents for their help making trophies and keeping the show running smoothly, Kayla for the gorgeous 1st place rosettes she made, Amber for being my ring steward, Maddie H for setting up the raffles, Savannah for being my ring steward at the end and for the sweet custom rainbow unicorn, and everyone who helped set up and break down!  You guys made the day so much easier for me and I appreciate you all!

[June sneaked this photo of my mom and John while they weren't busy selling raffle tickets.]


We missed two exhibitors who weren't able to make it due to family obligations: Phaedra and Holly.  We hope to see them both at a future show!

   [Anne's winning Collector's Class display]


So, what's next?  For us, we're preparing for Fryeburg Fair, which is a huge undertaking.  After that, along with holiday shipping at Triple Mountain, we'll start planning a show for spring.  It has been our plan since the beginning to hold two novice Shows to get people into showing, and then to move to one annual Open Show.  Competition at an Open Show will be much tougher, but I think many of you are ready to give it a try. We'll keep you posted by email when we get a date and location set. 


 [June in her first show in 20+ years, with her Collector's Class.  Check out the Black Stallion mold with black spots in front... he's a factory escapee who didn't get his mane, tail, or feet painted, and is missing brown speckles, too!]


Meanwhile, if you think you'd like to enter the Open Show, you may want to start preparing now.  Those photos we used in our "how to" articles came from Open Shows, and you can expect to compete against horses and setups like those.  You'll want your show string to be flawless - Not a speck of dirt, no scratches, no eartip rubs, bright whites, etc., as there will be plenty of flawless horses in each class so that those with issues will not make it into placings.  You've also got plenty of time to create or buy props and tack if you need some for Performance. 


[I caught these ladies feeling blind bags to find their favorites!  They got some beauties.  Good job!  Hey, that gives me an idea for a future show game...  ID that mystery horse!]


Again, thanks for coming and making the show so much fun!  It was great to see you all.  I wish I could have visited more with each of you, but I will next time!

~ Eleda


Below are more photos from the show.  Enjoy!

(a great example of how documentation can help your entry!  I wasn't sure a horse would gallop in that small a circle until I saw the photo and description (below).)


Entries for "My Horse Has a Story to Tell" - Display photo and then closeup of story for each.  Hope I didn't miss any!  All of the stories were so heartwarming it was hard for any of us to choose between them!


...and last but not least (because he was hoping I didn't get this photo), our coffee hero Bob!

I know, I'm in so much trouble! *evil grin*

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  • What a great show! The entries looked wonderful, especially in Performance – well done, ladies!

    Linda Dean on

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