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This is a fun class that we'll hold during lunch.  One entry per exhibitor.  Entry will include a special horse (or unicorn, donkey or other equine) from your collection and his or her story written on a paper or card next to him.  Everyone at the show will have a chance to vote on their favorite entry, so your story will be very important in getting votes.

We want to hear about this special horse.  Did you find him under a table at a flea market, so covered in dust that you weren't even sure what color he was, only to clean him up and find that he's beautiful?  Was he your first model, carried with you wherever you went?  The star of your first youtube video where he defeated evil to save the day (and get you hundreds of views)?  A rescue that you fixed up?  A gift from someone special?

If we were visiting your collection at your house, this would be the horse you'd pick up and tell us about.  He or she is special - So tell us about it!


Here's one example.  If I were entering, this would be my entry.  A beat-up, broken-eared Smoke Prancer:

Breyer Smoke Western Prancer Rescued from Trash Compactor

My paper entered with him would tell the happy-sad story of his rescue by my dad. 

While my dad was at our town's trash transfer station one day, he glanced over to see another man dump a box full of Breyer models into the trash compactor!  (I know - Horrible!)  It was too late to stop him, and down they went.  My dad knew I'd be heartbroken if he didn't at least try to save them, so he grabbed a long pole with a hook on the end and tried to fish them out.  (The law prohibits anyone from climbing into the machine for any reason.)  The only one he could grab was this Smoke Prancer, because the hook snagged his chain reins and saved his life.  The others from his herd were lost that day, but my dad saved this poor guy with just some rubs and a broken ear showing what he'd been through.  He has now been part of my collection for over twenty years and holds a special place in my heart because my dad worked so hard to rescue him!

So, what horse in your collection has a story to tell?  We can't wait to read about your entry!

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