Breyer Announces Surcharge - Price Increases Coming

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Hi Folks,

I wish the news were better, but I'll always keep you informed regardless.  Supply chain issues continue worldwide, with some manufacturers saying they have "zero items available to ship" right now.  It's a scary time to be a manufacturer.  They're still paying their employees and other bills, but have very little - or nothing - to sell.

Meanwhile, as they try to get more items here to send to retailers, costs for them are going up terribly.  There's a shortage of the big metal shipping containers, a shortage of space on the container ships themselves, and across the world, truck drivers and their support teams are sick with COVID, making less transportation available.  Those that ARE available are overwhelmed and having to increase their prices.  As a result, shipping costs for a 40-foot shipping container from China to the US, according to a NY Times article (link at bottom) have risen from $7000 to over $26,000, and are expected to climb soon to around $35,000!

You know where this is leading, and I won't sugarcoat it.  Prices are going up again.  Breyer has sent out a message to retailers saying they are forced to add an 8% surcharge to all orders (even back-orders!).  That means all retailers will need to take a hard look at their pricing and make adjustments to insure we aren't losing money.

This is short notice - the letter from Breyer is dated August 30th and took effect today, September 1st.  We just received it today.  We will be looking at prices, and will put necessary increases into effect beginning Monday, September 6th.  That gives you a few days to place orders at the current prices before increases take effect.

[We will NOT be increasing prices on any orders already paid for before September 6th, even though Breyer is charging us more for them, so if you have pre-orders here, you're safe.]

I will include the letter from Breyer to retailers below.  I'm not sure how legible it will be on mobile devices, but it basically explains the issues I mentioned at the beginning.

I wouldn't be at all surprised if other manufacturers also increase prices - We all may want to consider doing our Christmas shopping early.

We'll all get through this together...



Breyer Reeves Surcharge Notice August 30 2021



For more information about why we still have global materials, products and shipping shortages, this is a great article by the "NY Times."



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