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We start hearing this question a lot this time of year, as everyone is excited for the new items. (Us, too!  We get it.)  We also have a lot of new customers, so this is a good time to help you understand what to expect from new release orders.

If you have ordered items that include the words "Advance Sale" in the title, these are new releases that Breyer hasn't shipped yet.

Breyer usually starts shipping new releases at the end of January.  They have a LOT of stores to ship to, so it can take 2-3 weeks before they get our shipment to us.  That means you may see other retailers - usually in Europe - showing off new items before ours have arrived... There's only so much time in the day for Breyer's warehouse crew, so we wait patiently until they get to ours.

Once the new models land here, we start packing pre-orders immediately.  We pack in the order the orders were received, so we begin with those who ordered the first day they were released in December, and then work our way forward.  This will also take several days, since we get a lot of pre-orders, but we'll be diligently working on them every day.

Sometimes some items run late and don't come with the first shipment from Breyer.  If we hear of anything running late, we'll post an update on the item's page on our site.  We find that posting it there is the best place for everyone to be able to access the information anytime, so feel free to check the item pages anytime!

Remember that 2021 Holiday items won't arrive here until the end of September or early October.  Retailers have to place our orders with Breyer before March, so we love pre-orders on these - They help us plan to order enough models, and they reserve yours so you can be certain that we won't run out before you order!

If you placed your order on Hold or on Lay-Buy and it's not paid off yet, it will be set aside on our Hold Shelves while we get out all the orders that are ready to ship.  We won't be answering emails while we're in the middle of our packing marathon, so if you want to pay off your Lay-Buy early or get an invoice for shipping your Hold Herd when they arrive, you may want to let us know ahead of time.  Once all shippable orders have gone out, we'll start looking at Lay-Buys and Hold Herds.

One last important note - We often send out updates and announcements by email, so if you haven't signed up for our email newsletter, please do so!  There's a box at the very bottom of every web page that allows you to put in your email address to sign up.  We will never spam you or share your info - but you'll be the first to hear about new releases, get updates as we wait for them to arrive, get model restoration tips, and sometimes even special discounts.

~ Eleda

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