2019 New Releases Including Holiday Models!

Breyer 2019 Mid-Year and Halloween models have been announced, along with new CollectA and Schleich models! 

As always, we work hard to get these posted for you as soon as we hear about them.  It's a lot of typing, and we have to clip photos from the digital catalog because "clean" images won't go out to dealers for a few days.  We'll update the photos as soon as we can.  Meanwhile, if you catch any typos, please let Eleda know and she'll work through correcting them beginning Saturday.

(We reserve the right to correct any typos in description, price, etc.)  It's been hours of typing, so we'll start cleaning up tomorrow.  *smiles*  But we couldn't bear to make you wait!

Some models are expected to sell out immediately, like the Halloween Horse Samhain, so get your order in now!