Spirit ~ Apparition - 2020 Halloween Horse - SOLD OUT

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This year's Halloween Horse is aptly named Apparition!  His decorator coat is midnight blue with metallic purple interference paint over it, giving him a color-shifting, magical appearance.  His pinto markings are a whole ghastly herd of faces, skulls and grimaces that become even more "apparent" in the dark when his white areas glow eerily!

Only 3500 will be produced and we are limited in the number we can order, so to insure you don't miss out, get your preorder in right away!

Expected to arrive here at the end of September.  They'll ship to customers who pre-order immediately on arrival.  Order now to insure you don't miss out!


SOLD OUT as of June 1 at 5:30pm EDT.  We will not be able to get any more, sorry!


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #1838