Stables, Tack & Accessories

Tack, equipment, and barns enhance your collection.  Protective items for your models like Pony Pouches and Museum Putty keep them safe!

We carry Breyer tack and accessories, along with artist-made pieces occasionally.  Saddles, bridles, and halters are fun for play and necessary for some show classes.  We also carry Breyer jumps, stables, and stable accessories, like the popular Stable Cleaning Set and Feeding Set. 

Riders are wonderful to have, too, and can make great props at shows, as well as bringing your collection to life at home.  We carry English and Western riders, plus Breyer's Veterinarian, Farrier, and other figures.

Most are Traditional scale, but there are some items designed for smaller-scale models as well, so be sure to check the size listing on each item.