International Show Jumps Set


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 This neat vintage jump set was designed to go with Breyer models, as seen by the image of the Breyer Western Prancer on the box front.  The set contains six jumps: a single rail, a double-rail, a triple-rail, a brick wall, a hedge wall, and a water jump with short hedge.  All of the jumps are made of solid wood with decorative decals.  They come in a heavy cardboard box which features a description on the back of different combinations of jumps you might see at a show.  There are no copyright dates to be found on the box, but it was made and printed by Crestline Manufacturing Company in California, USA.  Since the palomino Prancer shown in the image was retired in 1985, we expect this was made in the late 1970s-early 1980s.

This set is in Excellent to Near Mint condition with minor wear from lying against each other and the box sides.  The box image appears to show a second two-rail fence positioned next to the hedge, but it's believed that never existed.  There is only one included, and it would be difficult to fit another into the box, as everything nests tightly.  The box itself is in excellent condition with some minor wear.  What a neat bit of nostalgia!

Note:  We are listing this under the Breyer category, as it was designed for use with them and may or may not have been marketed by Breyer; however, it was not produced by Breyer.


Model #150