2020 Holiday Horse - Shire Gelding ~ Yuletide Greetings - ADVANCE SALE

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We are so excited to introduce Yuletide Greetings!  This beautiful guy represents the Ardennes Drafter, a rugged work horse often put into service to help bring Christmas trees out of the woods to the village.  He is decked out in splendid country style with Happy Holidays embroidered on one side of his blanket while the other side is adorned with a plaid bow with country imagery...  He looks like he was made specifically for a New England Christmas and we're in LOVE!  Oh, and check out the little star danglers around his feathers!

Expected to arrive here sometime in late September.  Holiday item pre-orders will ship as soon as the items arrive. These are often hard to find if you don't pre-order, because dealers have to place their order before the end of February.  Don't miss out!

Because of the long wait for holiday items, please do not order non-holiday items on the same order.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #700123

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