Brass & Porcelain Ornament 2000 (Medallion Ornament)


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This beautiful ornament was one of Breyer's earliest.  Rather than being made of resin like many later ones, this lovely ornament is made of glittering brass and fine white porcelain.  The medallion features a bas relief of a horse's head framed in an intricate brass snowflake.  The snowflake's design incorporates tiny etched horses between each, and the back is inscribed, "This Holiday, Honor the Generous Spirit of Our Animal Friends."  It was made only in 2000.

This piece is Near Mint with a mirror-like shine on the front.  It's hard to photograph because it's so shiny it kept showing my face and camera in the reflection!  Some smudging on the back is the cause for marking it down, but it should buff out. It even comes with its original box.  A lot of collectors have the series ornaments, but I'd wager a lot fewer have one of these!


Breyer Model #700700

Year of Release:  2000