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10" Solid Stoneware Rearing Horse "MEXICO"

Triple Mountain Model Horses

  • $1699

This wild fellow is made of a poured stone-like material... I'm not an expert in materials, but this was fairly common in the 1950s-early 70's, and I have a few models of similar material myself.  It feels like a combination of ceramic and resin.  He is a natural tan color with no paint or finish applied.  He is approximately 10" tall, has glass eyes and the word "MEXICO" carved into the side of his base. 

He is covered with marks, but with a Magic Eraser, I was able to remove the worst of them under his belly, so with a little time and a Magic Eraser, he should clean up well and display very nicely.  Then he'll be a really neat piece for your collection! 


Size: approximately 10" tall; Weighs 2# 1 oz