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Circus Ponies in Costume - Breyer Gallery Porcelains


  • $19995

Here's a set we never thought we'd be sent!  The highly sought-after, very hard to find Breyer Gallery Circus Horses set consists of this fabulous pair of porcelains sculpted by Kathleen Moody.  One horse rears while his partner bows.  Both wear harnesses of red and gold with red plumes and foreleg wraps (all molded on).    They were only available in 1996 and only 2500 sets were produced.

Rearing pony appears Factory Mint.  Bowing pony has a broken right hind leg (included).  Repairs tend to come loose in transit, so we'll wrap the leg separately and let you glue it when they arrive.  It's a clean break and should repair well with Superglue.  Otherwise, he'd also be Factory Mint.  Their whites are clean and bright with light cream shading on flanks and in their manes and tails.  Their gold-accented tack is lovely.  They feature tri-colored eyes, striped feet, and muzzle pinking.  They come in their original box with their COA in its envelope.  They are hand-numbered under their bellies with serial number 2065 (of 2500).


Size: approximately Classic size

Manufacturer's Model #79296