Loza Electrica 3" Clydesdale

Loza Electrica

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This little guy is sure to bring a smile wherever he goes.  He was made by Loza Electrica, a company that had an unfortunately short run in the model-making business.  Started in 1992 by the grandson of Maxine Renaker (the founder of Hagen-Renaker, but not affiliated with that company), it operated in Mexico, creating lovely equine sculpts in ceramic.  The company went out of business in 1998, making their pieces hard to find and highly sought-after today, commanding high prices.  This is their 3" Clydesdale.  He is a warm bay with four socks and a star.

He is Factory Mint with a white belly, a large star, and tiny eye whites.  If you like cute, you'll love this little fellow!  He's adorable from the tip of his little ears to the end of little tail!


Size: 3"

Manufacturer's Model #22?