Tally Ho, Fine Porcelain Decorator


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This elegant decorator, sculpted by Jane Lunger joined the Breyer Fine Porcelain Gallery in 2005.  He is a handsome grey with rich shading, four socks, a star and a snip.  He wears a foxhunting motif, and his box carries an explanation of the (modern, non-violent version of the) sport and its traditional attire.  He is approximately Classic size.  He comes with his wood base with name plate, CoA, box brochure, and original box.

This fellow is Factory Mint with beautiful shading, and looks much nicer in person than the photo on his box shows!  I believe he had never been removed from his box until we unwrapped him to photograph.  He has been re-wrapped and returned to his box so he'll come to you just like he came from the factory.


Size:  Approx. Classic

Breyer Model #8181