Camargue Horse


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The Camargue Horse is most famous as the subject of numerous photos and prints showing herds of grey horses galloping through water.  These images, and the horses themselves, are a source of regional pride in Southern France.  As a matter of fact, there is so much pride in the fact that this ancient breed calls this area home, that foals can only be registered as Camargue if born outdoors and if they are seen to suckle from a registered Camargue mare as proof of identity.  The herds live in semi-feral groups called manades, and are rounded up annually for health checks and gelding of unsuitable males.  Standing 13 - 14.2 hands generally, they are the traditional mount of the gardians, Camargue cowboys (named for the Gard area of France) who round up the black bulls used in bullfighting rings.  Despite their small height, their rugged build and hardiness allow them to easily carry adults in their work.  This hardy breed was also used to a great extent by crews building the Suez Canal!


Size: 5.9"L x 3.7"H

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