Falabella Mare, Palomino


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The Falabella, which is a Miniature Horse breed, originated in Argentina in 1868 when a man by the name of Patrick Newtall began a breeding program using the smallest native Criollo horses from his region.  The breed takes the name of his son-in-law Julio Falabella who picked up the breeding program and infused it with new blood, truly creating a unique breed.  As Miniatures, Falabellas stand on average 28" - 34" tall and maintain mostly horse proportions, although they do carry the heavier hair-coat and bone of the pony lines Julio added.  They can be found in just about every color, and are known for their great dispositions.

This Falabella Mare is a sweet little palomino with a shaded muzzle and a snip.  She's tiny and adorable, and she'd make a great Miniature addition to your herd!  She was retired in 2019.

She is straight from Schleich to us.


Size: 3.3" L x 2.3" H

Model #88820