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Copperfox Model Horses in the US at Triple Mountain


Copperfox Model Horses began producing models of British breeds in 2015 after a very successful Kickstarter event.  They then took the world by storm in 2016 with a range of models on four molds in thirteen color combinations. Copperfox models are now winning at model horse shows around the world, thanks to their attention to detail, both in sculpts and colors.


Loughnatousa Fabio "Superman" winning Grand Champion of Show at the 2016 Quarter Horse Congress Model Horse Show.  Model owned by Stacy D.


Copperfox models are made at the popular 1:9 scale (what most collectors call Traditional Scale, based on Breyer's term), as well as smaller sizes.  They currently come in a variety of resins and will soon be produced in painted plastic releases.  They are generally produced in small runs of 250 each or fewer, and resale value remains high on them, historically.

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