Draft Horses On Sale!

It's a "Big" Sale!  All the drafters below, and draft-themed accessories, are

20% Off

November 12th - 18th

This month's sale is going to include all draft breeds but we have decided
to especially feature the Clydesdale breed:

Clydesdales were originally one of the smaller breeds, but starting in 1940 they started breeding for larger horses.  They originally came from a cross between imported Flemish stallions from Scotland bred to local mares.  Bay is the predominant color, but they also can be seen in black, grey, chestnut and roan.  The white we see on them is a result of the sabino genetics.   The Clydesdale breed was made world-famous by Anheuser-Busch, with their amazing 8-horse hitches that thunder past awestruck onlookers at parades around the US.   You can get to meet these gentle giants up close at Busch Gardens various locations, where they enjoy a kingly life, with huge, immaculate stalls, and well-kept grassy pastures.

Check out all the drafters we have on sale below, and add some thunder to your own herd!