Grab Bags!

(Available on Black Friday - Black Friday discount does not apply)

What's more fun than a mystery you get to solve?  One whose answer is "Horses!"

We've collected lots of model horses from around our site into "Feed Bags" - We're calling them Feed Bags because they feed the need for model horses!  We've taken horses of all shapes, sizes, and conditions, along with model horse accessories and goodies, and gleefully tucked them into fabric tote bags that we hand-stamped with our Triple Mountain logo.

The bags themselves are reusable and will be fun to carry models in, take to shows, or to hold your model paperwork or customizing supplies.

Every single Feed Bag will be a different mix of items, so which one's right for you?

Small Feed Bags contain smaller-scale models, but accessories may fit larger scales.  We have divided the small bags into two types:  For Everyone, and For Kids.  For everyone may include Breyer Stablemates, Mini Whinnies, accessories, and even some clinky models (ceramics, etc), while the Kids ones will be more kid-friendly.  Kids bags will contain more items, but most items will be non-Breyer... Perfect for kids to play with!

Artist's Bags contain at least two Traditionals (or equivalent in another brand) plus at least one other scale, sometimes more.  That's a great value for $20, including the reusable tote bag, and will inspire your creativity!  You may get an opportunity to try your hand at molds you've never worked with before.

Collector's Bags contain a variety of retired models in different conditions and scales, but will have at least two Traditional models per bag, if not more.  Nearly all of the models in the Collector's Bags are models that have been listed on our site.  Will you get a Special Run in your bag?  How about a model you're missing for a conga... or perhaps you'll fall in love with a mold you don't have yet!


Feed Bags are a special promotional item that may disappear and reappear from time to time on our site, so grab them while they're here, and watch for the next opportunity to grab some more! 


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