Silver ~ Skullduggery - 2001 Halloween Horse

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There's more to this Appy than meets the eye!  As the very first Breyer Halloween Horse decorator, he is still one of the most popular.  Details abound on this seemingly innocent Appaloosa... His blanket is actually a skull on each side, and some of the little white spots around it are ghosts!  He wears bright red eyes and nostrils, and a wide blaze that's shaped like a hooded ghost.  Only 4,000 were made of this guy for the holiday in 2001.

This fellow is still attached in his original box. We slid the outer cover off the box to take photos for you without glare, then closed him back up again.  [Any white specs in photos are dust - He's a dust magnet, so we closed him right back up after his photo session.]  Unlike many we've seen, this guy has no yellowing!  His whites are nice and bright.  He even comes with his original 2001 box brochure.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #711001