11" Regal Arabian Stallion, Tan-Bay

11" Regal Arabian Stallion, Tan-Bay


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This handsome boy is known as the tan-bay release on Hartland's Regal Arabian Stallion mold.  He is a solid bright bay with no white markings.  He is made of Tenite (cellulose acetate like Breyer) and was only made from 1970-1973. 

This fellow is in Excellent condition with tiny eartip rubs, and a few tiny rubs on his body and legs.  He features a speckly paint job, blended black stockings, inner ear and nostril shading, and s soft-looking matte finish.  He even sports flashing from the production process on all four legs, making him a neat piece of Hartland history!


Model #4500

Size:  11" Series (Hartland designation, not actual size)

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