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Arabian Family Stallion ~ Dapple Grey - Light Variation


  • $1795

This stunning fellow is a light dapple grey with darker mane and tail, and black knees, hocks, and feet.  He was a Special Run for the JC Penney holiday catalog in 1991 as part of the Stevens Horse Assortment set.  He is made of styrene and wears a glossy finish.  His color and dappling are just beautiful.

This fellow is in Near Mint condition with just seam glue under his belly having turned yellow with age as is typical.  Glue shows along the whole belly seam and up under his tail.  A small smudge of glue got onto his chest at the factory, and that has slightly yellowed as well (closeups are included... It doesn't look as bad as it sounds).  Other than these factory-created aging issues, he has no condition defects seen.  He is lighter in color than others I've seen, so his dapples blend in beautifully.  He features dark face shading, a two-tone tail and lots of tiny resist dappling... better than on many Breyers of this age!   


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #278