Arabian Foal, Red-Brown - Disco'd 1969

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This little red-brown foal was part of Hartland's "budget series" in the 1960s, and was only made from 1966-1969.  They are made of unpainted red-brown plastic.  Marketed to children, not many survive in good condition.

She is in Very Good condition with light scratching typical of unpainted models and just one scuff on her left barrel.  She's marked down from Excellent because they didn't use enough glue when they put her together, and as it dried, it left a hairline gap in places along her seam.  This doesn't appear to be a "split" as we usually think of it, caused by changes in temperature and subject to worsening.  She has a nice big vent hole between her hind legs to equalize temps, so this truly appears to simply be a factory issue of not applying enough glue.  It's all but unnoticeable on display, and we only found it on close inspection.  She's a real cutie, and in unusually good condition, so don't hesitate simply for this issue, which is a lot more minor than we've made it sound.


Size:  5" Series (Hartland designation; not actual height)