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Morgan Foal, Copper Sorrel


  • $395

This adorable filly is Hartland's Morgan Foal in copper sorrel made of Styrene.  (The models from this family actually have white manes and tails, so they're technically palominos, but since palomino was virtually unheard of in Morgans when they were produced, they were called copper sorrel.)  She wears four airbrushed socks, a stripe, and  body shading, just like her mom.  She was only produced from 1963-1968.

This filly is in Very Good condition, marked down mainly for the large scratch on her left barrel.  Other than than, she has just minor, light scratches, eartip rubs, and dirt.  She'd benefit immensely from a good bath.  She has pretty, sooty body and face shading and a little blaze. 


Size:  7" Series (Hartland designation; not actual height)

Hartland Model #677 (Foal only)