Semi-Rearing ~ Blaze, Jim Bowie's Horse


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Made in the 1950s only, this handsome dark sorrel was the mount of Jim Bowie (you know, the fellow who invented the Bowie knife).  Blaze is made of body-colored plastic with painted socks and of course, a blaze.  This same horse - called the "Semi-Rearing horse with mane up and fancy tail" was also the mount of Cheyenne and Jim Hardie.

He is in Excellent condition with dull spots in his finish where the saddle used to sit.  He has lots of tiny rubs in his whites but no big ones.  His whites are mostly bright and he wears his original reins, knotted at the end.


Size:  9" Series

Hartland Model #horse has no specific model number; Bowie set is #817, Cheyenne set is #818, and Hardie is #864.