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Thoroughbred, Bay


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This stylized Thoroughbred is a great representative of 1960s Hartlands.  He wears what is referred to as a maroon bay coat in the Hartland book, but looks like a regular, rich bay to me.   He is highly shaded, and wears four black socks and a solid face.  He is made of Tenite and was only produced from 1963-1967.

This fellow is in Very Good condition with a chipped left eartip and rubs on his shoulders and left hindquarter.  Because his plastic is brown, the rubs don't show as much as they would otherwise.  There is a label under his belly naming him Midnight. I'm sure it will come off, but would have to be removed carefully to reduce paint loss, so we'll leave it for his new owner to decide if it stays or goes.  He displays very well, with a semi-gloss finish, well-painted mane, and great shading.


Size:  9" Series

Model #873