$10 "Small Feed Bag" - Feed The Need for Horses!

$10 "Small Feed Bag" - Feed The Need for Horses!

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Our Small Feed Bag grab bags each contain 3 or more mystery items to feed your need for model horses!  What's in them?  You won't know until you open yours... and every single one is different!

Most items are retired, so there's a huge variety possible!  They will contain a mixture of smaller scale models in varying conditions and brands. Some items we've included in Small Feed Bags:  Breyer Stablemates, Mini Whinnies, Schleich models, CollectA models, Hagen-Renaker, other brands of models, Breyer and other brands of tack items or accessories.  

Each bag contains a random selection that we value at $15 or more (value is subjective, obviously, but this is based on our pricing system at Triple Mountain) and comes in a little, lightweight reusable tote bag, hand-stamped with the Triple Mountain logo!


Two types are available, while they last:

For Everyone:  Contains 3-5 items that both kids and adults may enjoy adding to their collections.  Item conditions will vary from body to Factory Mint.  Items will be individually wrapped and most will be from brands you'll recognize, including at least one Breyer item.

For Kids:  Contains more items than the "Everyone" bags, including more "other brand" mini horses and toy type items.  Items in Kids' bags will not be individually wrapped, but will be gathered into a sealed plastic bag inside the Triple Mountain tote bag.  Collectors may not enjoy these as much as kids will, but they'll give kids lots to play with!  Many include Breyer accessories along with at least two horses.

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