Family Arabian Foal ~ Spot, Grey Appaloosa 1960-1961 Version (Sale Benefits HH Animal Shelter)

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The Family Arabians have had such a history!  This is one of the earliest releases, the grey Appaloosa Foal named Spot.  While Spot was made from 1960-1970 in different variations, this is the oldest of them all.  This model is the glossy "belly band" version (indicating that instead of a blanket over his hips, her white area is around his belly).  Additionally, only in the first two years did the foal's ears curve inward at the tips, as seen in this filly, showing her to have been made in 1960 or 1961.  Later models have ears that point straight up.

This filly is as close to Factory Mint as you can get, with only eartip rubs marking her down to Near Mint.  Her left eartip looks almost like it has a chip, but we've decided it's actually got a tiny factory burr that wasn't sanded off.  She has the original, turned-in ears!  She's a beautiful girl, with lots of spots - all the way to her neck on one side, and a bald face that extends to her cheeks,  She's got it all, including soft muzzle and inner ear pinking and a beautiful glossy finish.  NO USA mark. And just to connect you to the factory painter who made her, the underside of her tail is unpainted, but you can faintly see a fingerprint and can imagine the man or woman holding her carefully as he painted her! 

 This model was donated to our Harvest Hills Animal Shelter account, and proceeds from her sale go to the shelter!


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #39