Proud Arabian Mare, Bay Pinto - Sears SR

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The Proud Arabian Mare and a matching foal were issued through Sears Holiday Catalog in 1988 only.  They are red bay with pinto markings, solid face and black points.  The mare has one sock.  This was a popular set, marking the first time the mold was made in such a wild color.  Only 3500 sets were produced.

This little lady is in Excellent condition with eartip rubs, a small rub on her right hind pastern, and a factory rough area under her tail, along with a visible edge in the black of her hind socks. There's a speck of mane paint under her throat latch, and a tiny rub next to it, as if the factory painter tried to remove it and decided that didn't work out.  It's a long list, but all very minor.  She features a beautiful red bay coloring with soft edges to her markings. USA mold mark.

Her foal, if not yet sold, is available separately here [Models are being sold separately.]


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #497679