Rearing Stallion ~ Rearing Appaloosa

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One of the most intricate colors ever done on the Classic Rearing Stallion, this blue roan Appy is beautiful.  He wears a grey body with darker speckles, a masked blanket and spots, three socks and a big star.

He is in Near Mint with only a pinpoint eartip rub and a 1/8" scratch on his left hind pastern (probably factory) marking him down.  His left hind leg is bent in a little… You may want to correct it with a warm hair dryer or use a bit of Museum Putty to keep him solidly on his feet.  He stands on his own, but tips easily.  He features neat masking on his socks, blanket and star, lovely shading, and bright clean whites (other than the few specks that are normal around masked spots).  He wears a B stamp.


Size:  Classic

Breyer Model #681