New Releases For 2020!

Here you'll find all the new items released by our major manufacturers in 2020. This includes Breyer, CollectA, Schleich, and Hagen-Renaker.  Models are usually announced by Breyer between December 15th and December 20th annually.  We will post them here as soon as we receive their photos, descriptions and pricing from Breyer.

When first posted, many items will be available for Advance Sale.  That means you can purchase them before they even arrive here!  Arrival date estimates, per the manufacturers, will be included in each item description.  These are subject to change if the manufacturer experiences problems, and will be updated if he are notified of a change.  All items purchased as Advance Sale items will ship to customers as soon as they arrive here at Triple Mountain (unless you put them on Hold or have a payment plan in progress, of course), so you may be among the first to receive the new models!

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