Deer Family, Tawny - pre-1970

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One of Chris Hess's best-known animal mold sets for Breyer is this Deer Family, released from 1964-1973 (singly, only 1964-1965 as a set).  They are golden-tawny, with white bellies, and black muzzles and hooves.  Beginning in 1970, a USA mold mark was added inside a hind leg on each model, just as with the horses.

We cannot guarantee that these three were originally sold together as a set, but it's very likely, given the collection they came from.  Whether bought individually or as a family, they are pre-1970 production models, as evidenced by the lack of a USA stamp on any of them.

The buck is in Excellent condition with antlers intact!  He has a small black mark on on his right hip and another on top of his tail, and shows moderate yellowing, which you can reverse by letting him sit in a sunny place for a few days.  He features subtle ear and antler shading and shaded dew claws.  Under his belly appears to be faded hand-writing, but it's so subtle that I've been unable to decipher it, even in a photograph.  It's nearly impossible to see except under close inspection.

The doe is in Excellent condition with a line of pinpoint rubs along her dorsal stripe, which is very subtle but continues down onto her tail.  She also has a pinpoint rub on top of her head and eartip rubs, along with minor yellowing, which you can correct with some time in a sunny place.  She features subtle highlights, painted dewclaws, and unpainted eye whites.

Their fawn is Near Mint with just ear tip rubs and light yellowing that you can correct with a few days in a sunny place.  She features unpainted eye whites and grey shading around the edges of her ears. 

They will be shipped bubble-wrapped separately, with the buck's antlers mummified in soft toilet paper for protection.  Shipping weight is set at 3 pounds to account for the larger box and additional packing material that will keep those antlers safe on the way to you.  Here's a rare chance to acquire an entire pre-1970 family!


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #304 as family (or singly as #301, 302, and 303)