Zebra ~ Christmas Candy, Gold - Web Special 2019

  • $149.95

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Breyer gave us all a fun surprise on Christmas Day, 2019, with the release of a rainbow of zebras, reminiscent of traditional ribbon candy.  The hard candy is traditionally made of pulled sugar, giving it a pearly appearance, and often has colored stripes.  Breyer captured this perfectly with their zebra mold!  Only 500 were made of each color.  They wear "Christmas Candy 2019" under their bellies.  Original price from Breyer was $120.00 + $17.50 in shipping.




We purchased two straight from Breyer.  Photos are of one of them.  Each is the gold-striped version with beautiful metallic gold coloring and pearly whites.  They feature soft muzzle and inner ear pinking accents.  Each is Factory Mint with all his original packaging (not pictured: bubble wrap and shipping box).


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #712304