Lying Foal, Palomino

  • $18.95

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This super sweet colt takes a rest in the pasture while waiting for his human friend to come by with treats!  Stone Critters was one of the most beloved animal figurine manufacturers from the 1980s though the early 00's.  With their solid resin/calcium carbonate bodies, whimsical style and textured coats, they are instantly recognizable.  Stone Critters was sold in 2004 and production was moved to China.  The product line is no longer available, making these vintage "Made in the USA" pieces highly sought after by collectors.

This little cutie is  Factory Mint and still wears his Made in USA sticker and original price tag.  He is a straw-colored palomino with shading in his haircoat, along with a shaded muzzle and inner ears.


Model #SCL-062