Paints & Pintos On Sale!


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6/19 - 6/24!

In honor of the National Pinto Show being held June 12 - 24, 2017 in Tulsa, OK, we have chosen to have our sale on these brilliantly colored horses (and ponies, burros and mules!) this month.


BHR Bryants Jake - American Spotted Draft Horse

[BHR Bryant's Jake - American Spotted Draft Horse.  Buy his portrait model here!]


One of the most asked questions about these terms is: How do you tell the difference between Pintos and Paints?  Paints are limited to registered bloodlines of Paints,
American Quarter Horses and Thoroughbreds.

Pintos may be any breed and size from Minis to Gypsy Vanners.  Pintos have
two categories:

TOBIANO which is a coat that appears to be white with large flowing pots of color, often overlapping.

OVERO appears to be a colored horse with white markings and the white almost never crosses their back. The white usually originates on the animal's side or belly spreading toward the neck, tail, legs and back.  Horses must have at least 4 square inches of cumulative white and underlying pink skin; ponies must have at least 3
square inches while minis need at least 2 square inches.  The Pinto Horse
Association also has a solid color registry.  They do not accept appaloosa
or mule breeding and/or characteristics (but we do, for the sake of our sale!).

Be sure to check out all the lovely Pintos and Paints on sale below and add
one or two... or even more to your barn!