Pony Swim Flash Sale!


The Chincoteague Annual Wild Pony Swim and Auction has always taken place the final Wendesday & Thursday of July.  Wild ponies from Assateague that have been rounded up are swum across the channel to Chincoteague.  Foals are sold to keep the herd population controlled and raise money for the island's volunteer firefighters.

The swim and auction has been canceled this year for the first time since World War II, but we're thinking of them with this fun flash sale. The sale includes selected ponies and wild horses of all sorts.  You might not be able to buy a wild pony foal on Chincoteague this year, but you can adopt one of these deserving models!


Sale prices will be in effect 11:59pm (EDT) on Thursday 7/30.  No other discounts, including Pony Points can be used on an order that includes sale items.