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(Bonus:  We're including Stock Horses, and even Appys and pintos on QH and Stock Horse molds!  Why?  Because we felt like it!)


The American Quarter Horse breed excels at short distance sprinting, rodeos, horse shows and ranch work.  Being as agile as they are, they excel in reining, cutting, roping, barrel racing and western riding.

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Quarter horses generally range from 14 to 16 hands, although they can reach 17 hands.   There are two types of quarter horses:  The stock type is shorter, compact, stocky and well muscled.  The hunter or racing type are taller and smoother muscled. The most common colors are sorrel/chestnut, bay, black, buckskin, palomino, grey, grulla, and roan, although perlino, cremello and albino may also rarely be seen.  With DNA testing now available, all solid colors are accepted as long as both parents are registered American Quarter horses.

Breyer Smart And Shiney[Famous reining horse Smart And Shiney owned by Lyle Loveitt.  Find Smart and Shiney models and items here!]

Please check out all the lovely Quarter Horses and Stock Horses that are looking for new homes while they are specially priced and maybe add some of this wonderful breed to your herd!