Safari Ltd

Safari Ltd is a family-owned business that has been making toys that teach since 1982.  The company was started by Bernard Rubel and his wife Rosemarie to help promote conservation, and has now produced over 1000 animal models and accessories.

The company is currently run by the Rubels' grandson Alexandre and his wife Christina.  Their two young children, Ocean Ray and Wild, inspire them to keep creating models that inspire and teach a new generation to love animals.

They've expanded their lines to include not only wildlife, but also farm animals, sea life, dinosaurs, mythical animals, historical figures, and dragons.  We are starting with a selection of their animal models in 2020 and hope to expand to carry even more in the future.  If we're missing something you'd like, please let us know. 


Most, but not all, are around the size of Breyer Little Bits, but Safari animals don't adhere to a particular scale, so each has its dimensions in its listing.