Selected Horse and Unicorn Jewelry Helps Hurricane Michael Survivor

The majority of our jewelry at Triple Mountain is sourced from a woman small-business owner in Florida.  Her home was severely damaged during Hurricane Michael, and much of her town was destroyed.  We are promoting her jewelry to help increase sales to bring her more income during this difficult time.  We have also expanded our product line from her to provide more options for you... There are some lovely new pieces available now.

She tells us that insurance has not yet provided any assistance, and will very likely try to pay for as little as possible.  Her town is in the panhandle of Florida and was one of the worst hit by this devastating hurricane - The strongest to come ashore there in recorded history.  She is trying to run her business through this difficult time of cleanup and recovery so that she can continue to receive some income to help pay for repairs to her home.

As many of you remember from 2017, when we supported TEVA's efforts to rescue and care for animals stranded during Hurricane Harvey, our hearts go out to all who are affected in natural disasters, and we try to help in whatever small way we can.  In this instance, it's personal, as we've been sourcing much of our jewelry from this distributor since 2015 and many of you may have a piece in your jewelry box.  Your purchases during this time will allow us to purchase more from her, helping bolster her income a bit while she and her town try to recover from the horrific impact of this event.

The jewelry is affordable and popular among our customers, so it's a great gift for yourself or a horse lover on your list, and you'll know that some of its purchase went directly to a family who lost a lot this year.

Please note, many of these designs are new to us, and are currently being shipped to us, with delivery expected around November 12th.  We will begin shipping as soon as they arrive.  We are also allowing orders to continue beyond the quantities we have coming so that we can place a second order as soon as possible to help her out.  Therefore, there may be a delay of up to ten days before these items ship during November.  Thank you for your support, and enjoy your beautiful new equine jewelry!


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