Andalusian Stallion ~ Prism


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Did you say, "Wow!"?  We did!  Prism is a spectacular decorator rainbow pinto on the Andalusian Stallion mold.  His colors appear to dance as he gallops by.  Only 3500 were made, and they have been one of Breyer's most popular releases ever!  We sold out of our allotment in ten minutes flat on release day, but we were able to score just six more on Black Friday weekend, so they're here - while they last!

These are on the way to us, and we hope to receive them by 11/30... They'll ship to those who order as soon as they arrive!  What an amazing holiday gift for yourself or someone else!  (Please note, because we had to pay full price to get these for you, they are excluded from our storewide sale.)


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #1801