Citation, Grey Appaloosa - JC Penney SR

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Citation surprisingly makes a great Appaloosa!  He was only made in this color for the JC Penney Holiday Catalog in 1995.  He wears a grey body that gets darker toward his head, darker stripes in his mane, and an airbrushed blanket with black Appy spots.

He is Near Mint with just slight yellowing that can be easily corrected with a few days in a sunny place.  He has grey body paint on the back of his left hindquarter and a little nub of plastic on the back of his tail from the molding process.  He features chestnut highlights in his tail, subtle striping in his mane and big, bold Appy spots.  He still wears his Made in China sticker under his belly.


Size:  Stablemate

Breyer Model #710695