EXCITING Medium Surprise Pack  (23% off regular price!)

EXCITING Medium Surprise Pack (23% off regular price!)


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It's going to be a fun holiday season!  Whether you're buying for yourself or someone else, everyone loves a surprise, especially when it includes horses!

You get ELEVEN different items with a normal retail value equaling $37.61.... for only $28.95!  That's a 23% discount when you buy the surprise pack.

Our EXCITING Medium Surprise Pack includes an exciting variety of tiny model horses at a special price. You get everything that's in our FUN Small Surprise Pack, plus a lot more!


Qty Item
1 I Love Model Horses Bumper Sticker
1 Mini Whinnies Surprise Blind Bag (Series 2)
1 SM Mystery Horse Surprise Blind Bag (2018 release)
1 SM Horse Crazy Mystery Horse Surprise Blind Bag (2017 release) 
2 SM Spirit Blind Bag (Series 2)
2 SM Mystery Unicorn Surprise Blind Bag
1 Pocket Box Cats Surprise Bag
1 Pocket Box Dogs Surprise Bag
1 SM Horse Crazy Surprise Painting Kit w/Brush and Paints


That's double the Spirit Blind bags and Unicorn Surprise bags, plus items you won't find in the small pack, including kitties and puppies to play with your horses! 

Please note: Many of the models in our packs came straight from our store and may still wear price tags.  If hiding their price is important to you, please check the front of each package for tags before giving as gifts.

Offer good while supplies last.  Triple Mountain reserves the right to substitute any out-of-stock item(s) with a replacement of equal or greater value, therefore total number of items may vary but value will be as advertised or greater.