Action Stock Horse Foal, Buckskin - Sears SR, VARIATION: Brown Mane and Tail


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The Action Stock Horse Foal was produced in buckskin twice:  Once as a regular run #225 in 1987-1988, and also as a Special Run through Sears in 1984.  They can be differentiated usually by body color - The Special Run is often lighter ("creamier") in color than the golden-bodied regular run.  Some of the Special Run, however, have a very special attribute:  A chocolate brown mane, tail, and lower legs instead of the solid black that most appear to have been made with.  This is one of those hard-to-find chocolate variations!  Being released only for one holiday season makes this release hard enough to find, but having such a stunning variation within the release makes him an ever tougher catch and a great investment!

This fellow has a creamy body color, and also a slight olive tint, along with the unusual chocolate-brown points.  Besides his neat variation coloring, he wears subtle inner ear and muzzle shading.  What a neat fellow!  He is Factory Mint with one speck of mane paint on his right shoulder and an unpainted stripe along the seam under his tail (not split, just got missed with the airbrush).  No USA mold mark.  He's quite a find for the ASHF collector and the variation collector alike!


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #none assigned