Llanarth ~ Vendetta - Custom Bat-Wing Pegasus

  • $124.95

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This incredible dragon-winged horse was created by Pamela Owens in March of 2012.  His wings feel like painted leather… Not sure what they're actually made of, but it doesn't seem to be plastic.  They're gorgeous and full of detail.  The horse is metallic black with diagonal socks and gold and silver Celtic cross "brands" on each side of his rump.  He's quite a sight to see.  Unfortunately, the material he was wrapped in to travel to us left impressions in his gloss-coat, as often happens with glossy customs.  He would benefit from a new layer of gloss being applied over the original.  He comes with his artist COA which includes a backstory for him in a plastic sheet protector.

If it is hot where you are when you purchase him, you may want to consider asking us to hold off shipping until the weather cools to prevent further damage to his clear-coat. What a neat guy - He's sure to get a lot of attention in your herd!  He'd also be amazing in a Halloween diorama!


Size:  Traditional