Western Horses

Welcome to our Western Horse event!  As of June 1st at 8pm, we began listing almost two dozen variations on the palomino release, spanning the entire forty years the model was released singly, and on June 15th, we'll list half a dozen pintos, including both the black pinto and palomino pinto releases. 

We hope you'll enjoy reading their listings and seeing all the many variations we've received on this mold.  It was a lot of fun putting them together for you!  Once a model gets purchased, it will disappear from this page, so if you love Breyer history and neat model variations on this mold, click here!

We've also sent photos of many of these versions to Identify Your Breyer and they now have a whole page dedicated to showing them off, you can see lots of versions with some date estimates over there at:  http://www.identifyyourbreyer.com/WestHorseVariations.htm
We're including the Western Horse's cousins in this group as well to give them a little love:  The Western Prancer, the smaller Western Pony and Fury Prancer.  Each has his own history and releases, and together they make up a neat subset of Breyer models that came tacked up and ready for adventure!