9" Arabian Stallion, Copper Chestnut

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This regal stallion was an early release for Hartland.  He wears a metallic copper chestnut coat with flaxen mane, ail, and lower legs.  He is made of Tenite (the same material as Breyer used), and was only made in 1967-1968.

This fellow is Near Mint and the cleanest we've seen.  He is an original Tenite model (made from the same material as Breyer).  His "worst" issue is a tiny light rub (only through the shading) on his chest.  Beyond that, he has a minor scattering of pinpoint rubs and dull spots in his finish, along with a tiny eartip rub, and a couple of grey specks.  It is incredible to find a Hartland of this age in this great a condition, and we spent some time admiring him while taking his photos!  He wears an A inside both hind legs, features subtle sooty body shading, and even sports eye whites.


Size:  9" Series (Hartland designation; not actual measurement)

Breyer Model #278