Box of Mini Dinosaurs


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Everyone knows a dinosaur lover.  But good dinosaur models with details and modern body color renditions are hard to find.  They'll love this new set of ten minis by CollectA - Each dinosaur is depicted in realistic detail, down to expressive faces and scaled textures.  And they're all painted to CollectAs high standards, despite their tiny size!

Most of the models are around 1" tall, so the whole herd will take up very little shelf space, but are lifelike enough to be used in classrooms for educational purposes.  The set shown includes: Triceratops, Baryonyx, Stegosaurus, Pachycephalosaurus, Mosasaurusm Tryrannosaurus Rex, Kentrosaurus, Parasaurolophus, Pteranodon, Velociraptor, and a rearing Diplodocus.  There are other sculpts as well, so your set may vary... Collect them all!  The set of ten comes in a clear plastic carrying case with a latch and handle, and will make your dinosaur lover of any age very happy!

They'll be a great, inexpensive gift for kids, too.  Being made of vinyl, they're rugged enough to withstand play... Just remember their small size:  They can pose a choking hazard, so are not recommended for children age 3 or under.

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Package Size: 10.6" L x 1.7" H

Model #A1109