Brabant ~ Percheron w/ TSC Blanket - TSC SR

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 The Brabant mold makes a handsome Percheron while wearing this lovely grey coat.  He features a shaded muzzle and grey hooves, and even comes with his own special Breyer Tractor Supply blanket!  He was only available through Tractor Supply in 2020.

Note:  We've heard from people who bought this release from TSC that all are showing some red staining from their Breyer blankets.  In an effort to prevent this from happening further on the ones we bought (we can't tell if they have stains on the box side or not), we have removed the blankets and will bag them and tuck them behind the cardboard in their boxes.  If you find staining on one you have purchased from us or from TSC directly, you can try contacting Breyer, since it's a manufacturing/packaging issue, or restore him yourself - Here's an article I wrote a while back detailing how to remove stains on models using bleach

These guys are very pretty without their blankets - The horse is pure white except for face shading and hooves.  Because of the packaging issue, you can bet these will become scarce in years to come, so we feel they're well worth having!


Size: Classic

Breyer Model #5479